Cheer For A Cure® is a grass roots 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Collectively as cheerleaders, coaches, and fans we raise money to donate to families who have loved ones suffering from cancer and need assistance to alleviate the added stress of medical house-hold bills. One can’t prepare for tragedy. And when it hits, it strikes hard. We seek to stand in the gap for those who need help, to aid in softening the blow. Also, through our cheer events, we help athletic departments and booster clubs raise money for their cheerleading programs.


Cheer For A Cure® was established in 2005 on behalf of Stella Bertz who lost an 18 month battle to lung cancer in the fall of the same year. She was a non-smoker, avid jogger, and beloved cheerleading and softball coach. For over ten years, Stella coached and mentored high school girls; teaching them not just “cheers” but also the virtue of what it really meant to be leaders. At her funeral on a cold February day, many of her cheerleaders, past and present, bid Stella goodbye by performing her favorite cheer. With many moved by the synchronous display of coordinated moments, the significance and spirit of what Stella believed cheerleading could do was exemplified. It was upon such an occasion Maria, her daughter assumed the responsibility to further her mother’s love and dedication to continue Stella’s spirit of leadership and giving via Cheerleading. The local schools and community embraced the idea of hosting a competition with aim to raise money for cancer research. Hence, Cheer For A Cure began.
CFAC has been hosting events for over 10 years all across the United States. Owing to this, we have helped raise money and awareness for cancer research and aided families impacted by the disease. We serve as partners in helping many schools fund their cheerleading programs by providing uniforms, mats, etc.
We shall continue to grow existing events to raise awareness about Cheer For A Cure. We actively seek to network more in the cheerleading community to further our reputation as ‘The Official Charity of Cheerleading’. The hope is to garner more corporate and industrial support for cheerleading. Additionally, we plan to raise more money for our fun and exciting cheer events. We shall continue to find ways to get money into the hands of families that need it most. Finally, being 100% donor-sponsored we shall endeavor to seek Grant Funding. Our main goal for growth and expansion is to continue to grow our personal donor support base while increasing more of our corporate sponsorship via grants and donations.
CFAC is inspired by the enthusiastic and ambitious spirit cheerleaders share. It is our goal to harness the spirit and power of the cheerleading communities throughout the nation and direct it into an opportunity to truly make a difference in the fight against cancer. Our focus has always been to wage a uniform fight against all types of cancer. Hence, our donations are systematically distributed directly to individuals affected by numerous types of cancer. In addition, our cheer events create opportunities for athletic programs to be supported through concession sales and attendance fees etc.
We see the continued need to donate to individuals fighting cancer. We aim to cut out the middleman by giving funds directly to such families rather than using conduits. We strive to address the financial burdens that cancer has dealt upon many families by helping to pay for basic necessities, giving stipends due to loss wages, or by paying the medical bills of patients undergoing treatment etc. Lastly, we see a huge need to augment funding for cheerleading programs which many times go unfunded due to the perception of cheerleading as a side-attraction; a hobby. However, if one considers the power of the cheer during a game which propels athletes to perform amazing feats his/her opinion might be quite the contrary. Hence, we find it an obligation to cheerleading programs.
Donations – bottom line, we look at the bottom line. Important questions are asked. Are we raising more money than the year before? Also, are our events improving? Are we seeing more attendance? Are we receiving additional local business support? Are more teams coming to the events than the prior year? These are all the measurables which are quantified and segmented so as to assure positive metrics within CFAC. Most importantly, we hold our core philosophy very sacredly; for these are major issues that affect millions world-wide. Hence, we view the qualified aspects of life such as; whose lives are we affecting? What is the community saying about us? Etc. This is the only way we know we are being successful economically and socially.
CFAC appreciates and welcomes donations to foster our tremendous goal of providing aid for afflicting families to help cope with extraneous bills and subsidizing athletic departments pay for uniforms, mats etc. Hence, we have various donation packages to meet sponsorship. Our Bronze Membership Gift Package is $10 per month with members receiving a free t-shirt and CFAC wristband. Our Gold Membership Gift Package is $20 per month and includes the Bronze membership benefits plus free sweatshirt. Our Platinum Membership Gift Package is $30 per month and includes the Gold membership benefits plus a CFAC tote bag. Also, donors have the option to give one time gifts via our ‘Donate’ feature on our website.